Please fill in all the required information and upload by the 1st March 2022 deadline. (We recommend using either Explorer or Firefox). We will send confirmation that we have received your application by Friday 25th March 2022.


1. Applicant information

Please provide your personal email.
Please indicate your Teams or Skype account to be used for the admissions interview.
(i. e., year 9, year 10)

2. Profile Choices

We have defined a series of IB Profiles based on our knowledge of university entrance requirements and our experience of what subject combinations students typically choose. Each Profile is made up of one or more profile subjects and a range of subject choices. Please note that Mathematics Applications & Interpretation SL is a mandatory subject in profiles 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7. For further information on the overall structure of the IB Diploma Programme and for information on the individual subjects, please see the IB Hexagon and IB Subject Briefs here.

1. IB Business Profile Subjects: Business Management HL, Economics HL
2. IB Global Profile Subjects: Global Politics HL, Environmental Systems & Societies SL
3. IB Creative Profile Subject: Visual Arts HL or Film HL
4. IB Medicine Profile Subjects: Biology HL, Chemistry SL, Mathematics Analysis & Approaches HL
5. IB Engineering Profile Subjects: Physics HL/SL, Chemistry HL/SL, Matematics Analysis & Approaches HL
6. IB Psychology Profile Subjects: Psychology HL, Biology SL
7. IB Language, Culture, Communication Profile Subjects: English A or B HL, Danish A or B HL, Third Language, History HL/SL

Disclaimer: At Stenhus Gymnasium we always do our very best to fulfil all applicants' subject choices. Please note, though, that we cannot guarantee that all subjects can be set up. This will depend on the number of applicants to the subject or to the subject level. If you cannot find your favoured subject combination in any of the IB Profiles, please contact the IB Coordinator Paul Bjergfelt at or at (45) 5940 0935

3. Additional information

Status of your application for a residence permit

4. Parent/guardian information 1

You must enter information of at least one parent/guardian.

5. Parent/guardian information 2

You can enter the information of a second parent/guardian her.

6. Please upload the following documents in pdf

NB All documents must be a PDF. Please name all of the documents indicating your name and document type (eg. John Smith - Reference). It is important that you upload ALL the requested documents with your application.

Describe your school background, your skills and interests and why you wish to study the IB Diploma Programme at Stenhus Gymnasium. Max one page.
If your report card is not in Danish or English, please attach an authorised translated version. Please remember to delete your before attaching the file!

7. Additional Comments?

Please let us know if you are dyslexic or if you will require learning support in any way. This is important as we want to be able to provide relevant support from day 1.