Our vision at Stenhus Gymnasium is that our students become competent, democratic citizens in Danish society and in a globalized world. We put a motivating, inspiring and stimulating learning environment at the heart of everything that we do.


By the time of graduation, students should:
- Be equipped with the educational, knowledge, and study skills to prepare them for any programme of further or higher education.
- Be trained in the skills of reasoning, analysis, and abstraction.
- Have acquired skills in innovation and creativity.
- Possess the prerequisite skills to enable active participation in a democratic society and in an increasingly globalized world.


At Stenhus Gymnasium our students and staff maintain a school culture that is based on tolerance and mutual respect. Stenhus Gymnasium actively promotes a welcoming and positive atmosphere in order not only to build a sense of school community, but also to let the individual person flourish within that community.

Our students have a say in, and are expected to take responsibility for, their own education.

All students and staff should be given the optimum opportunity to work on their own personal development. We support all forms of initiative, enterprise and active participation. We expect everyone at the school to strive to be the best they can be.