Basic Information about the Boarding School

Stenhus Gymnasium is one of seventeen IB World Schools in Denmark to offer the IB Diploma Programme. Seven of these IB World schools have access to a boarding school. At Stenhus Gymnasium you have easy access to Copenhagen. From Holbæk Station it takes 41 minutes by fast train to Copenhagen Central Station.

Many of our international students stay at the boarding school situated at the school next door to our school. This school is called Stenhus Kostskole, whereas our school is called Stenhus Gymnasium. Stenhus Kostskole is a Lower Secondary School for day/boarding school students in the 5th-10th grade. We currently have 45-50 places for high school aged students at Stenhus Kostskole.

At Stenhus Kostskole both Danish and English are used to communicate with the boarding school students. So, not only will you be with international students like yourself, you also have a great opportunity to learn or improve your Danish! 

How to apply

Please note: you cannot apply to the boarding school until you have been accepted into the Pre-IB or the IB Diploma Programme. On the Pre-IB or IB online application form you will indicate that you would like to live at the boarding school. Once you have been accepted into the educational programme, we will immediately give your details to Lene Olsen, the administrator, at Stenhus Kostskole. Lene will then send you all the application form and the information material for the boarding school.

The Boarding School Fee

Whereas there is no tuition fee for the international programme at Stenhus, you do have to pay a fee to cover the cost of your accommodation and food if you decide to live at the boarding school.

The current boarding school fee is kr. 6.000 per month (correct as of January 2021). This fee covers:

  • A single furnished room
  • All your food seven days a week
  • Amenities – electricity, water, etc.
  • Adult Supervision

The monthly fee is due for 11 months of the year – you do not pay for the month of July as the boarding school is closed for the summer holiday in July.


We are sometimes told that the boarding school at Stenhus Kostskole is slightly more expensive than other boarding schools. If this is the case, then there are two reason for this:

  • Stenhus Kostskole is a Lower Secondary School. Consequently, the school does not receive government support for High School students. As a result, the monthly fee is the genuine cost of a full room and board in Holbæk.
  • As the boarding school at Stenhus Kostskole also houses younger students, the school has a high level of adult supervision. We believe this high level of supervision can be a vital factor for parents sending their sons or daughters to a school in a foreign country.

Further information

If you are planning on coming to Denmark from abroad to visit the school and you would like to see the boarding school as part of your visit, please contact IB Coordinator, Paul Bjergfelt, at

If you have detailed questions about daily life at the boarding school, you will need to contact a member of the boarding school staff. You can do this at

Please note: it is important to understand this distinction. At Stenhus Gymnasium, we can help you with any information that you need about the international programmes. All detailed questions about Stenhus Kostskole (the boarding school) must be addressed to